Dog Christmas Crackers | "Scottie Dog"
Dog Christmas Crackers | "Chewy-Chewy"
Dog chew toy
Milk Bone Dog Biscuit
Dog Christmas Cracker Activity Sheet
Elves' Best Christmas Crackers

Dog Christmas Crackers | "Chewy-Chewy"

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Dog Christmas Crackers

The Elves have packed some fun Chew Toys in Doggy's Christmas Crackers.  Great size for most dogs and strong enough to last the holidays and well beyond!  Woof-Woof!

Dog Christmas Crackers Contain: 
:: 1 Chew Toy - 6 1/2" long
:: 1 Dog Biscuit
:: A Dog Activity Sheet with cat jokes, trivia, charades & puzzles
:: A Paper Hat just for Doggy.


Crackers are sold individually so that you may choose the exact number you require.  

Allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery within Canada and mainland USA.