Elephant Party Crackers | "Balancing Game"
Elephant Party Crackers | "Balancing Game"
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Elephant Party Crackers | "Balancing Game"

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Elephant Party Crackers
Balancing Sticks Game

Our Elephant Party Crackers are filled with a fun balancing-the-sticks game which the whole family can enjoy! Try to balance all of the sticks onto the Elephant's back!  It's a tricky game that requires practice, skill and patience! Brightly coloured, the game set is durably cut from wood and sanded for a smooth finish. It will last for years of continued fun on family games nights. Modest in size it is easy to pack up for picnics, the cottage or camping! Can be played alone or in a group!

Each Cracker Contains:
:: Brightly Coloured Sticks 2 3/4" long
:: Paper Hat
:: "Kooky" Fortune
:: Roll of Rockets
:: All-Occasion Activity Sheets

Each Shipping Box Contains:
:: 1 Wood Elephant  4 1/2" x 3" x 3/4"
:: Game Instructions

Minimum Order:
5 Crackers

# of Players:
Due to the smaller size and type of this game and the need to keep the elephant still so he doesn't spill his load, the Elves suggest this game is best played in small groups of 5 people or so around a card or other small table.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery within Canada & the USA. Longer for international orders.

Our Elephant Party Crackers are shipped from Feb 1st through to August 15th only. They are not available at other times. Get them while they last!