Giant Thankgsiving Crackers with Family Autumn Jigsaw

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Giant Thanksgiving Jigsaw Crackers

Clear off your Puzzle Table because here comes one GIANT 2 FOOT Cracker and it is packed full with a beautiful Autumn Jigsaw Puzzle for your family to enjoy over the holiday. You can choose the Jigsaw Puzzle from amongst the 5 colourful Autumn designs. (Note: The colour of the cracker/ribbon may vary from the photo in order to give it more of a Thanksgiving feel.)

Each Cracker Contains:
1 Thanksgiving JigSaw Puzzle - 1,000 pieces
5 Sticker Sheets
5 Holiday Hats
5 Thanksgiving Activity Sheets

Each Shipping Carton Contains:
:: Picture of the Jigsaw Puzzle

This cracker is approximately 2 feet long!

The price is for 1 Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Cracker

Holiday Shipping:
Giant Thanksgiving crackers  will be shipped 1-2 weeks before USA Thanksgiving.