Golf Party Crackers | "Fore!"

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Golf Crackers for 
Tournaments / Fund-Raisers

FORE!  Here's some cracker fun for your next Golfer's Birthday, Tournament or Fund-Raiser Event. Themed for golfers and guaranteed to bring about a lot of laughter!

Everyone gets a chance to bone up on their golfing lingo with the Elves' Golfing Crackers. How about -

Frog Hair 
Goat Track 
Fried Egg 
Good Wedge 
Grow Teeth

:: 1 Golf Activity Sheet with golf jokes, lingo, charades & puzzles. 
:: 1 Paper Hat 
:: 1 Stick on Moustache

January 1st through August 1st only.

$25.00 / Box of 5 Crackers. 
Only available in Boxes of 5.

Our Party Crackers are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping to reach your house in the USA or Canada.  4-5 Weeks for shipping outside of North America.