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Handcrafted Beer Soap

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Big Beer soap is made by Artisan Clare with beer from local craft breweries. Not only can you drink beer but you can wash yourself with it too! Great prezzie at Christmas - and all year round - for the beer lovers you know! Great office present.

Big Beer Soap Co soap is made from scratch using a traditional cold processed method. Clare uses natural oils and butters Coconut Oil ,Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Shea butter, and Hemp Oil to name just a few.

:: All soaps are cured for at least 4 weeks.
:: The sugars in the alcohol produce a great lather!
:: Beer soap is good for your skin!

Beer has been used for thousands of years to reduce skin conditions.
The beer sediment helps improve the symptoms of acne by killing the bacteria that causes it. Hops contains skin softening amino acids. The active yeast in the beer contain B vitamins which hold moisture in and help with your skins elasticity.

To lengthen the longevity of your soap keep it in a dry soap dish.

Because Big Beer soap is handmade in the traditional method (Cold Process) you may find some inconsistencies, air bubbles, variations in weight, and soda ash ( a white powder on the outside of the bar). Soda ash forms when unsaponified lye reacts with naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the air. Soda ash is harmless and it will wash off on first use.

NOTE from Elf Gillian:  I have known Clare for over 30 years. Our stores were side by side for quite a long while. She is an amazing artisan dedicated to making products of excellence. I include Clare's work here this Christmas because she totally fits into our Elves' creed of - Fun, Variety, Quality.

Sale items begin shipping January 19, 2021