Festive Christmas Door Mats

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Aren't these Christmas Floor Mats decorated with just about the prettiest traditional Holiday Designs?  I'm buying a bunch for the Elf Workshop so we have something warm and colourful under our feet as we work!  These are soft, lightweight mats for your living room.  Wrinkle resistant, fade resistant, anti-slip.  Consider getting one for the floor underneath your computer work space to keep your toes warm this winter!

NOTE:  I have read the customer reviews at our suppliers carefully and have gleaned the following:  This is a lightweight mat.  In other words not like a sisal outdoor mat.  It's something you would want to use for decoration or perhaps in front of the sink or as an indoor shoe / slipper mat - that sort of thing.  One customer commented that the colours were a bit lighter than shown, however, I find that most of the items I have received so far from this supplier are fairly vibrant. To be honest, we won't know for sure until they arrive!)

40 cm x 60 cm
Size Conversion:  1 inch=2.54cm or 1cm=0.393inch

8mm  (Approx 1/3")

The price is for ONE Floor Mat.

Very Soft.
The sponge lining absorbs water

Choose from eight designs.

Please order soon if you want to make sure we can send them to you for this Holiday Season!

Shipping for this item begins December 1st for Christmas delivery.