Jigsaw Puzzle | "Plymouth"

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Jigsaw Puzzle 
of Plymouth, MA ...

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::  "If the concepts of divine providence, personal freedom, risk, religion, and capitalism coupled with compassion have a patron city or iconic touchstone that place, that touchstone, is Plymouth, MA. Eric Dowdle’s companion painting to his new television series, “Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle,” gives us a view of Plymouth. The painting features all of the Mayflower Pilgrims, showing who made it through the first year. It also has many great stories from his interaction with the people of “America’s Hometown.” From the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock to the Forefathers Monument, majestically overseeing the town, to the great people of today, we invite you to step ashore and explore the stories and more of Plymouth, MA." ~ Eric Dowdle

:: 1,000 Puzzles Pieces
:: Approximately 19" x 26" when finished.
:: Artist:  Eric Dowdle

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