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Kids' Birthday Crackers | "Puppet Fun" - Set of 4 OR 6

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Kids' Puppet Birthday Crackers!

Bright, colourful cloth Finger Puppets perfect for play performances and story-telling.  Children will be delighted to find puppets in their party crackers and to  imagine story plots for these bright, colourful figures.  Fun crackers for birthdays or other family events.  Wonderful for bed-time story-telling!

The Puppet heads are made of a light wood with room inside for either a child's or adult's finger.  The costumes are amusing as are all the happy puppet expressions.  Great for story-telling and puppet theatre performances. Even sweeter in person! Terrific for birthday parties, camping or sleep overs!

PLEASE NOTE:  The wrap designs for this cracker vary and may not be as pictured depending on availability.

Choose from the following Design Options:
1) Mermaid & Friends (Set of 4 Crackers)  
2) Royal Court (Set of 6 Crackers)
3) Little Red Riding Hood (Set of 4 Crackers) 
4) Three Little Pigs (Set of 4 Crackers) 
5) Happy Family  (Set of 6 Crackers)

:: 1 Puppet
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: 1 Wrapped Candy
:: Family Party Activity Sheet

Sold in sets only -
Mermaids  (Set of 4 Crackers) $32.00
Royal Court  (Set of 6 Crackers) $48.00
Little Red Riding Hood (Set of 4 Crackers)  $32.00
Three Little Pigs (Set of 4 Crackers)  $32.00
Happy Family  (Set of 6 Crackers)  $48.00

Recommended for Ages 4 to Adult

Help for Converting CM to INCHES:
1 inch = 2.54cm,  1 cm = .393 inches  
Hint:  30 cm = approximately 1 foot

Select Your Colour and Style Preferences
Mermaid Set OR Royal Court Set.

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