Kids' Christmas Crackers | "Origami Tulip Project"

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Kids' Christmas Crackers
with Origami Tulip Project

Here is a fun 2-piece origami paper project for children to enjoy!  Not too hard - takes just enough effort for that great feeling of satisfaction when the flower comes together!  Extra Origami Paper and Instructions will be available soon in our Stocking Stuffers Section until Christmas.  

Each Cracker Contains: 
:: 1 Origami Tulip Project
:: 6 pieces of Origami Paper
:: 1 'Gold' Chocolate Coin
:: 1 Paper Hat 
:: Mini Activity sheets with holiday joke, trivia, charades & puzzles

Crackers are priced individually so that you may choose the exact number required.

Orders placed now will be shipped for END OF NOVEMBER 2019 Christmas delivery.