Kids' Wooden Puzzles

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These brightly coloured small wood puzzle toys make unique Christmas Stocking Stuffers. Quality made, they have no sharp edges and are coloured with child-safe paints. Each one is constructed a little differently which is nice if you are buying more than one. Try adding the toys already assembled into Christmas stockings - or be mysterious and add all the separate pieces! Great fun which will keep entertaining. 

(Note from Elf Gillian - I had wood toys and puzzles when I was a kid. LOVED THEM!  Played with them for hours year after year! I hope your children and grand-children will as well.)

We are placing one order for this item the end of July and that will be the only order for 2020.  Please order soon if you want to make sure we can send them to you for this Holiday Season!

Orders placed in July will be shipped for early December 2020 delivery.  If you are ordering Christmas Crackers, this item will be shipped with them early December.  IF YOU ARE ORDERING THIS ITEM BY ITSELF,  it may be shipped earlier in mid-November.