Kitty Thanksgiving Cracker | "Softy Critter with Catnip"

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Cat Thanksgiving Cracker

Kitty will get many hours of pleasure from this "Softy Critter" Cat Nip Toy. Just the thing to keep Kitty's mind off of the turkey!  

Cat Christmas Crackers Contain: 
:: 1 CatNip Toy
:: 1 Cat Activity Sheet with kitty jokes, trivia, charades & puzzles
:: 1 Paper Hat sized just for Kitty.

Approx. 8" long  


Price is for 1 Thanksgiving Cracker.

Thanksgiving Crackers ordered now will be shipped late September for Canada and early November for the USA.

Thanksgiving Dates 2019 ~ 
USA: November 28th 
CDN: October 14th