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Ladybug Racer Birthday Crackers
Party Crackers "Kooky Fortunes" with Lucky Numbers.
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Ladybug Racer Birthday Crackers
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Ladybug Racer Birthday Crackers

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LadyBug Racer Party Crackers
For Family Games Night

Racers have become a real favourite at Elves' Best. We are always pleased to find bright new ones with which to make games crackers.  These ladybugs will bring hales of laughter as they somersault through the air! 

:: LadyBug Racer
:: Paper Hat
:: Goofy Cracker Joke
:: Kooky Fortune
:: Party Time Activity Sheet
:: 1 Candy

Minimum Order:
3 Crackers (Heads Up:  You can order less than 3 if you wish, but the shipping costs will be fairly significant per cracker).

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in Canada & the USA.  Longer for International orders.

Recommended for Ages 3+