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Memory Chess Game
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Memory Game Party Crackers

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Memory Game
Party Crackers

How is your memory these days?  Each player takes a turn rolling the die which sports a coloured dot on each side to determine which colour of pegs you must  match up. Try to remember the colours and locations of all the pegs that get uncovered but remain unmatched - for future guessing turns.  Whoever guesses the most coloured peg sets, wins the game! This quality wood Montessori game set is fun for all ages and will last for generations.

Cracker Contents:

:: Memory Pegs
:: Paper Hat
:: Kooky Fortune
:: Party Time Activity Sheet
:: 1 Roll of Rockets

Shipping Box Contents:
:: 1 Montessori Wood Peg-Board Game
:: Game Instructions

# of Players: 
Suitable for up to 6 Players

Minimum Order:
5 Crackers

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in Canada & the USA.  Longer for International orders.

Recommended for Ages 3+ .
Please supervise younger children to insure they don't put pegs into their mouths!