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Kooky Fortunes for party crackers featuring prophesy, wisdom and lucky numbers.
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Mystery Crackers

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Mystery Party Crackers

There is a mystery to be solved and you have just 3 minutes to find the solution! Mystery Party Crackers for Mystery Dinner Parties, Family Games Night or fun at the Cottage.

Each guest is either given a "20 Questions" Card inside their Party Cracker to read out to all who are assembled. Everyone is invited to shout as many guesses for the solution as they like - but, only for 3 minutes! Each cracker contains a different set of 20 questions. Or a "Mystery Gram" to be solved before the timer runs out!  Read them out one at at time or all together to see who wins first!

:: 1 '20 Questions' Card OR 'Mystery Gram'
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: Mystery Activity Sheet with puzzles and games

:: 1 Roll of Rockets Candy

Each box of Mystery Crackers is also packed with:
:: One 3-minute hourglass timer per order. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery within Canada and the USA. More time is required for International Orders.