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Pastry Roller - "Bunnies" Design
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Pastry Dough Rollers

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Printed Pastry Dough Rollers

These festive designed pastry rolling pins will help you create some special holiday-printed cookies or pastry pie tops.  The pastry rollers are small and easy to use, even for children. They do require a very firm rolling action though to ensure you get the design relief you want.

If the dough is very soft, even if the rolling pin is deeply carved and you are pressing hard, it will be difficult to print clearly. It is recommended that bakers use a very stiff dough when using the rollers to achieve clearer patterns.  A good stiff dough like a gingerbread cookie or a hard sugar cooky should give good results.  The doughs should be ones which are far too stiff to stir with a spoon, requiring a dough hook or mixing by hand.

A few tips to make your rolling pin serve you longer:

- Before using, brush it with vegetable oil or olive oil.
- After using, clean all spaces with a damp brush.
- Dry it thoroughly and apply a layer of vegetable oil or olive oil.
- Keep away from direct sunlight. 


Made from Beech Wood

$20 for ONE Pastry Roller

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