Kids' Christmas Crackers | "Puppet Fun"

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Kids' Puppet Christmas Crackers!

Bright, colourful cloth Finger Puppets perfect for play performances and story-telling.  Children will be delighted to find puppets in their Christmas crackers and to  imagine story plots for these bright, colourful figures.  Wonderful family crackers for Christmas Eve when kids are so excited for Christmas Day to arrive!

The Puppet heads are made of a light wood with room inside for either a child's or adult's finger.  The costumes are amusing as are all the happy puppet expressions.  Great for story-telling and puppet theatre performances. Even sweeter in person!

PLEASE NOTE:  The wrap design on this cracker may change to another kids' theme. We haven't sorted the wraps yet for the kids' crackers!  Thnx for your patience as we continue with the Reveal!

Design Set Options:
1) Mermaid & Friends (Set of 4 Crackers)   OR
2) Royal Court (Set of 6 Crackers)

:: 1 Puppet
:: Paper Hat
:: Kids' Christmas Activity Sheet
:: 1 "Gold" Chocolate Coin

Sold in sets only -
Mermaids  (Set of 4) $28.00
Royal Court  (Set of 6) $42.00

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in Canada & the USA.  Longer for International orders. 

Recommended for Ages 4 to Adult