Today's Silly Cracker Joke: ~ Q: "What goes ho-ho whoosh, ho-ho whoosh?" A: "Santa caught in a revolving door!"

Puppet Birthday Party Crackers

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Kids' Birthday Crackers
for Puppeteers!

Bright, colourful cloth Finger Puppets perfect for play performances and story-telling.  Children will be delighted to find puppets in their party crackers and to  imagine story plots for these bright, colourful figures.  Choose from the "Mermaid & Friends" or "The Royal Court".

The Puppet heads are made of a light wood with room inside for either a child's or adult's finger.  The costumes are amusing as are all the happy puppet expressions.  Great for story-telling and puppet theatre performances. Even sweeter in person!

Design Set Options:
1) Mermaid & Friends (Set of 4 Crackers)   OR
2) Royal Court (Set of 6 Crackers)

:: 1 Puppet
:: Paper Hat
:: Party Time Activity Sheet
:: 1 Roll of Rockets

Sold in sets only -
Mermaids  (Set of 4) $28.00
Royal Court  (Set of 6) $42.00

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in Canada & the USA.  Longer for International orders. 

Recommended for Ages 4 to Adult