Rainbow Cloth Kite
Rainbow Cloth Kite - Dimensions
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Rainbow Kite

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Send a rainbow and your spirits up with this colourful kite, soaring into the sky!  This beautiful kite is suitable for beginners and doesn't require a particularly strong breeze.  Made from quality cloth.  A great way for the family to play together outdoors.  

PLEASE NOTE  the size of this game so that you won't be surprised when you receive it.

100 x 90 cm (just over 39" x 35" )

:: 1 Rainbow Kite (material:  cloth)
:: 1 Kite Line (30 meters or 100 feet)

This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM which we will get in only on pre-orders.  We will order your item within 24 hours of receiving your pre-order.  Our suppliers will take 15 to 60 days to mail your product.  Depending on where you want the item shipped to, we require an an additional 2 weeks for your parcel to travel from our workshop to your home. PLEASE ORDER AT LEAST 10 WEEKS BEFORE REQUIRED.

  • 1. Choose an open location at least 5 km (3 miles) from the airport, away from trees, houses, roads, highways and rail lines.

  • 2. Do not fly kites in wet or stormy weather. 

  • 3. Do not fly kites near wire towers, overhead cables or any overhead wires.

  • 4. Avoid flying over the heads of other people or animals, as this may cause them to be frightened.

  • 5.Wear protection, such as helmets, gloves, sunglasses, 

  • 7. Avoid flying too close to other kites, so as not to tangled or cut lines, damage kites or cause accidents.

  • 8. Do not fly when the wind speed is greater than 20mph. Strong winds will tear the kite.