Today's Silly Cracker Joke: ~ Q: "What goes ho-ho whoosh, ho-ho whoosh?" A: "Santa caught in a revolving door!"

Thanksgiving Crackers | "Funky Turkeys"

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Thanksgiving Crackers

Celebrating harvest time with friends and family binds the ties that be in the very dearest sense. It is a relaxing time, a time to reflect and give thanks for all our many blessings. We hope you will enjoy our Thanksgiving Crackers this year as party of your family's celebration!

Thanksgiving Cracker Contents: 

:: 1 Fall Leaves paper crown 
:: 2 Candies 
:: 1 Fall Stamper 
:: 4 Thanksgiving Activity sheets with jokes, trivia, charades & puzzles 
:: A great cracker snap

$30.00 - Box of 5 Crackers
Sold only in boxes of 5

Thanksgiving Crackers ordered now will be shipped late September for Canada and early November for the USA.

Thanksgiving Dates 2019
USA: November 28th 
CDN: October 14th