Thanksgiving Crackers | "Green Leaves" - with Maître Truffout Filled Milk chocolates

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Thanksgiving Crackers

Beautiful fall crackers to decorate your Thanksgiving table this fall filled with games, puzzles, fall stickers and mouth-watering filled chocolates from Europe.

Thanksgiving Cracker Contents: 
:: 1 Maître Truffout Milk Chocolate with EITHER Tiramisu OR Cappuccino cream filling      
(we mix the chocolates in each order)
:: Festive Fall Paper Crown
:: Thanksgiving Activity sheets filled with jokes, trivia, charades & puzzles 
:: A great cracker snap

Price is for 1 Thanksgiving Cracker.

Thanksgiving Crackers ordered now will be shipped mid September for Canada ( as soon as it is cold enough to put chocolate in the mail)  and late October for the USA.

Thanksgiving Dates 2020 ~ 
USA: November 26th 
CDN: October 12th