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Thanksgiving Crackers | "Pumpkin Pie"

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Thanksgiving Crackers

For something a little different this Thanksgiving how about some Pumpkin Pie?  ... Pumpkin Pie Crackers, that is! These adorable pie-shaped crackers will look right at home sitting amongst the Harvest Feast.  Who says you can't start your dinner with dessert!  The ends of the snaps for these crackers are folded under and secured with resealable tape. NOTE: These are not our own 'cracker' wraps. They are a bit lighter in colour and weight and actually meant to hold pieces of pumpkin pie for 'take home'. But as soon as I saw them, I knew what cute crackers they would make!  Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Cracker Contents: 

:: 1 Mini Pack of Jelly Belly Beans
:: 1 Fall Leaves paper crown 
:: Thanksgiving Activity sheets with jokes, trivia, charades & puzzles 
:: A great cracker snap

Price is for 1 Thanksgiving Cracker.

Thanksgiving Crackers ordered now will be shipped late September for Canada and early November for the USA.

Thanksgiving Dates 2019
USA: November 28th 
CDN: October 14th