Ugly Sweater Wine Bottle Covers - Set of 3

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Who doesn't love a cute 'Ugly Sweater' at Christmas time?!  These adorable wine cover bottles come in a set of 3 designs, complete with matching hats.  This Elf LOVES the little hats!

Is for 1 set of THREE Bottle Covers

We are placing one order for this item the end of July and that will be the only order for 2020.  Please order soon if you want to make sure we can send them to you for this Holiday Season!

Orders placed in July will be shipped for early December 2020 delivery.  If you are ordering Christmas Crackers, this item will be shipped with them early December.  IF YOU ARE ORDERING THIS ITEM BY ITSELF,  it may be shipped mid-November.

Gift Delivery:
If you are purchasing this item for a gift you wish to have delivered directly, please order separately and ensure we have the correct mailing address.  We can send parcels almost anywhere in the world.  However, for destinations outside of Canada or the United States, you need to order by Sept. 15th latest.