Victoria Day Crackers | "Long Live the Queen"!

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Whether you are celebrating May 24th Victoria Day weekend or planning a dinner party / "Victoria" Film night or just plain love the Royals, these crackers are sure to add a lot of fun to your party get-togethers!

Filled with Victoria 'FAQs', Victorian Parlour Games such as "The Minister's Cat" and "Find the Thimble", charades (which is also an old Victorian Parlour game, btw!), royal conversation starters, word games, a pretty tough word search puzzle and much more.

Also included are two verses of "God Save the Queen". So stand and sing your allegiance, ladies and gents! These crackers really are chock full of Victorian fun and will fill an afternoon or evening with friends and family!

Each Cracker contains:
- Paper Hat
- 1 Maple Candy

- 2 two-sided Victoria themed Activity Sheets with faqs, jokes, puzzles
- Victorian Era Games with 'Forfeits'
- 1 Kooky Fortune
- 1 Paper Hat
- A really great Cracker Snap

$25.00 / Box of 5

Victoria Crackers are made to order.
Please all 3 weeks for order fulfillment & delivery.